My memorial photos in Korat

From customer

I am one tourist who love Asia and Golf. When I was finding to good resort for the year-end long vacation, I just looked for this "Korat Magazine". I and my wife decided to visit to Korat.
This is the first purchase via internet for me, so I was a little afraid of transferring the remittance. But I can believe this homepage because of good message in e-mail and reasonable price. And actually I felt be relived at the moment to see a person who had our name board in the Bangkok airport. ^)^...

This is our memorial photos in Korat from 18th December to 4th January in 2000.

16th January 2000
From Mr. Noguch to duff a shot.

Krang Plaza

Mission Hills Golf Club

Shimathani Hotel

Voyage Golf Club


[Many thanks from Korat Magazine]

To Mr. and Mrs. Noguchi

Thank you very much for making use of our service in this time. And thank you for sending us photos too. We, all staff, are glad to hear that our customers are satisfied with our service.

We would like to try to introduce I-San to the world from now on.
And we hope that Korat will be famous in the world in some day.

From Korat Magazine
Takeshi Sekiguchi

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