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    Night Bazaar is located close to the city center on Manat Road which is between Chomphon and Mahatthai roads.
    It is opened everyday from 6 to 10 p.m everyday.

    Many stalls open in the evening.

    The recent Night Bazaar is not same as 5 years ago. There was many food shops begore, it was a kitchen for the people. But now there is many cloths, shoes and music shops for young peoples, same as the Harajuku street in Japan.

    OK. Finally, try the best food in I-San.
    "Fried ....."

    Gun Tod - - - Fried small shrimp
    This is normal. No problem.

    Menda Tod - - - Fried giant water bug
    This is famous one in Thailand.

    Takaten Tod - - - Fried grasshopper
    Men Pohn Tod - - - Fried scorpion
    There is a scorpion in Thailand, but the poison is not strong. We don't die if we was bitten.

    Non Mai Tod - - - Fried silkworm
    Kiyad Tod - - - Fried tree flog

    The final is,
    Jin Weed Tod - - - Fried mole cricket
    Men Yee Nun Tod - - - Fried dung beetle (Perhaps)

    If you have a courage, please try it.
    In fact, I don't try all things. Never!

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