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Inner southern gopura

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  • The main sanctuary is surrounded by a gallery which has a Gopura in the center of each wall.
    This Gopura is built mainly of red sandstone while doors and windows in white sandstone.
    The lighter red stone are the newly carved sandstone resulted from the recent restoration.
    The original blocks have darkening color.
    On the main entrance, there is a lintel which is carved with a giant holding a pair of elephants and standing on a "kala" image.
    A part of Gallery's roof is remained, we can imagine a structure of the inner enclosure.BR>
    There is the principal inscription of Phimai sanctuary inside the Gopura in the right side of an inner doorframe.
    Now this inscription is covered by a clear plastic for protection.

    The last date mentioned is 1112 AD,
    it is describing the celebration the installation of a statue of a deity,
    Trailokyavijaya, by the local ruler Virendradhipativarman in 1108.

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