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Wat Sala Loi

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  • Khao Phra Viharn
  • Gate [ Location ]
    Enter the Gate and go straight-forward about 400 meters, and turn the left at the end of the street.

    [ Outline ]
    It is believed that Wat Sala Loi was found in 1827 by Khun Ying Mo.
    The main chapel is constructed in the shape of Chinese junk.
    It was built in 1967.
    It received many awards from various architectural associations as a modern leading design of religious building.
    main chapel
    ceramics The main chapel is decorated with the local "Dan Kwien" ceramics.
    There are various sizes of Buddha images in the main chapel.
    Inside chapel
    Ying Mo image An image of Khun Ying Mo, which is in a praying position, is placed in the center of a pool.
    The wall of the old chapel which was built about 170 years ago is well kept.
    There are many Buddha image in this old chapel.
    old chapel

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