[Lesson 3] 5. Final consonant, the 1st.

When a final consonant is the final of a word, the word has an omission of vowel and change of pronunciation of .

Sample word Pronunciation Meaning
[ja-rha-jorn] traffic
[bung-orn] beautiful woman or girl
[pa-morn] carpenter-bee
[la-korn] play, drama, stage performance
[wah-norn] monkey (name of a zodiacal constellation)
[um-porn] sky, air

  1. A change of pronunciation of a final consonant.
    There are many type of final consonant in Thai, and these pronunciation of final consonant change to differ. I will explain about it step by step from now on.
    In here, a final consonant is pronounced

  2. Omission of vowel
    The last two letters of these words don't have a vowel as you know to see them carefully. A vowel is omitted from these words.

  3. So a final consonant is pronounced [-orn].

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