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There are more than 140 direct buses serving almost around the clock daily between Bangkok and Korat. There is main Highway between Bangkok and Korat, so it will take about 3 hours only to reach Korat. The total distance is 273 kilometer. Direct buses, non direct buses (stop Pak Chong),air conditioned buses, non air buses, there are many type buses. Please check your needed buses before buy thicket.

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  • A bus fare:
    air conditioned: 139 Baht

    A service interval:
    15 minutes in normal
    20 minutes in rush hours:
    Map of Bangkok Bus terminal
    Northeastern Bus Terminal

    Map of Korat bus terminal
    Korat Bus Terminal
    Korat is an entrance to I-san (Northeastern) region.
    You can easily extend your trip to other provinces by bus.
    Please look [Road Map of I-san] for details.

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