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Provides 26 round trip services between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima daily.
If you have a time,it is enjoyable to travel by train while watching scenery through the window.
Traveling time is 5 hours.


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  • Between Bangkok-Korat
    The distance is 264 km.
    [Timetable of train]

    Fares the first class 230 Baht A special express charge 80 Baht
    the second class 115 Baht An express charge 60 Baht
    the third class 50 Baht A fast charge 40 Baht

    The time required A normal, A diesel About 6 hours
    A fast, An express, A special express About 4 or 5 hours

    A train starts from [Hua Lam Phong] at Bangkok and arrives to [Korat Station] .
    (A real steam engine locomotive is displayed in the front of Korat Station.)
    You could extend the trip to either Ubon Ratchathani or Udon Thani by train.

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