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Central Sanctuary

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  • [ Outline ]
    Entering the central courtyard through the inner southern Gopura entrance, a visitor will see the central sanctuary in a presence.
    It makes a good view of pilaster, pediment and main Prang ( tower ).
    [ A structure of the sanctuary's entrance ]
    The building was constructed in such a way that the frame base was completed then, decorated with the carved pediments,lintels,and pilasters.
    At the entrance, the builders firstly made
    then put
    on them.
    The pediments
    were put on to decorated the top of the building.

    They carved the episodes of "Ramayana" and Buddha on the pediments and the lintels.
    In another word, the sanctuary was made to worship both "Ramayana" and Buddha.

    [ A high point ]

    1.Main tower

    2. Southern entrance
    3. Eastern entrance
    4. Western entrance
    5. A lintel on the entrance to antarala

    6. A lintel on the entrance to garbhagrha

    7. Northern entrance
    8. Eastern entrance
    9. Western entrance
    10. A lintel on the northern porch
    11. A lintel on the eastern porch
    12. A lintel on the western porch
    13 A image at the center of garbhagrha
    The central sanctuary consist of three parts.
    In the center of Phimai sanctuary,
    a main room is named "garbhagrha".
    On the south,
    a antechamber is named "mandapa".
    And connecting these rooms,
    a short corridor is named "antarala".

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